Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Dr D

As a general rule, since this is the first piece I have ever written on my own personal blog, I have adopted the wisdom of Dr. E.L. Kersten whereby "never before have so many said so much to so few," with regard to a general attitude toward "blogging."

However, somewhere inside me, as in millions of others out there in the blogosphere, there's something pent up inside...something to be said. Something that lapsed beyond the 80,000 words written in my doctoral dissertation. Although I have blogged before on other sites, this is my first attempt at my very own blog. Yes, friends, along with others, I have something to say.

Thus, this blog will stand as a testament to the methods of my madness...the ramblings, the tangents, the things I think of on a daily basis. Who knows, there might actually be some good mental floss stuck in there never know, it could happen.

Welcome to the Blogosphere,

Dr. D

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